Level up your hedge program

A Treasury Risk Management system that brings your business and hedge portfolio together to help get from data to decisions – faster.

Access and manage your hedge program as easily as your online stock portfolio

Everything you and your team need to effectively manage price risk and cashflows


A secure, cloud-based web application

Quanta is a Treasury Risk Management system that provides real-time market access, automated workflows, and a digital portfolio manager that brings company and hedge data together to help teams easily manage cashflows.


A Treasury Risk Management system that brings your business and hedge portfolio together

Make more informed decisions – faster

Digital portfolio

Increase strategic decision-making power with a digital portfolio that helps you manage, measure, and explain your hedge program

Improve execution and lower costs

Real-time markets

Quickly evaluate potential hedge transactions to lower opportunity costs with real-time market pricing for more informed execution decisions

Increase efficiency and save time

Automated workflows

Save time and lower costs with automated document processing, reconciliation, mark to market evaluation, and deal discrepancy resolution

Everyone & everything in one place

Collaboration tools

Easily share information and address risk with your team through automated updates, real-time system alerts, and downloadable reports

About Us

Leveling the financial derivatives market playing field for hedgers

We founded Quanta with years of experience in international banking and corporate price risk management.

So, we understand how hard it is to run a hedge program without access to the right risk management tools and market capabilities sharks have. We believe companies deserve better.

Quanta was built to level the financial market playing field by giving companies the tools needed to execute their cash flow hedge strategy and manage risk like a pro – and spend less time and money doing it.

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Level up your hedge program


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